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Why Join Kraidal?

Kraidal E-Learning portal is an interactive application developed to aid school management, teachers and students alike with some managerial tools and teaching aids.

No matter your School or the size of your institution, Kraidal handles interactions, tools, data analytics, and security capabilities you need to achieve your goals.

Web Application Accessible by all devices.


Multi-functional Entry System

The standardised system of data entry allows one data per input but with this approach several data of many students can be entered by one click of a button. Teachers and staff don’t have to go back and forth posting students results. This access is open to all valid teachers. The Workload page and the terminal reports page are equipped with this mechanism.

Wall Posts

The wall post is the interactive session of the portal; users get to share, post questions and interact with teachers and classmates on relevant topics based in and out of the classroom.

In the same way you use social media or apps, the interface of this system is similarly simplified for better usability. Both the front end and backend panel are user-friendly and easy to access!

Administration Control

An in-built admin panel is for management and staff access only, all information shared or provided by the school is entered through that session.

Workload / Result table

This allows Students track their progress in class; each class work and assignment result are posted here. Parents and students will be aware of any improvement or short comings may be. Teacher’s feedback on any work is available for guidance.

For basic or kindergarten classes, a gallery of events is available to see various study sessions!

Teminal Reporting

This panel, Students and parents are able to view and download terminal reports. This alternative to the actual report is always available in case the paper type gets missing or damaged.

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Since this application is tailored to each school, Authorization is required from the school. We filter out non-students and block them from accessing the platform.

Set - Ups

The system has to be set up such that, Administration and faculty accounts have to be set up and walked through to ensure continous usability with little or no aid.

In House Sessions

These Sessions are mandatory during our initial Phase of prepping our clients, having our clients well informed so they are very efficient using the system.

User Accounts

User Accounts are not open to the public so the system will verify all students, parents and faculty before access is granted. Accounts are created Remotely.

Page Navigation

Proper documentation and helpful videos or materials will be made readily available to all clients even though the application require less technical know-how.


We are happy to assist our clients with vital and helpful packages recommendation tailored to improving their services and management of their business.


We strive to make this system more efficient and add more features from time to time. Updates will be performed adequately to meet user demands.

Continous Support

With a 24/7 support system in place, Clients will be able to contact us to address their concerns. We are happy and willing to assist when needed.

Other Services

We offer the following services below and more...

Logo Design

We discuss and work with you to gain the best and inspired UI designs to fufill your project. Beautiful User Interfaces is the keeps clients glued to your App.

UX/UI Mobile Design

We discuss and work with you to gain the best and inspired UI designs to fufill your project. Beautiful User Interfaces is the keeps clients glued to your App.

Responsive Web Design

In theis era of multi users with different devices, we do our best to ensure all our contents appear appealing across all devices be it Mobiles, Tablets and Desktops.

Web Development

Web development and security is one of our key features. We make sure all projects have active validation and security measures to make your projects secure.


We have a variety of products as well as web spaces for rentals. Promote your small / Medium scale business remotely to increase your customer base.