Frequently Asked Questions

myAlert Ltd is the company in charge of Kraidal. Since Kraidal is a byproduct of myAlert, all teams and groups are a subsidiary of myAlert. myAlert Ltd has several other projects under its supervision.
Your School Admin will be in charge of assisting you with this issue. He will update the system records with your new info and get you back online ASAP.
If you're logged in, click on your avatar on the upper right corner of the screen, then to Account Settings > Password. After completing the form you should see a notification confirming the update.
Not a problem; Inactivity on Kraidal does not factor into your performance Unless the school decides to remove you from their records.
Yes! we do. With just the initial subscription fee for the student and two free accounts for Parents.
Yes, you can cancel your subscription and have your records removed by the school. All records and accounts will be handled privately by the school.
It is cheaper to pay the annual fee upfront which is optional, we charge per term upfront. The amount is shown on the Pricing page so there is no ambiguity.
Yes! Your personal information is well-protected and managed by the schools administration.